DEPOSIT - Travel Event 15
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This deposit is for an onsite Painting Class with a minimum of 15 painters. The price is $35 per painter.  (min of 15 painters needed). The deposit is deducted from the final balance due 1 week prior to the event. 

The deposit is Non-Refundable and is used for Paint and Vino to secure an artist for your event. 

The painting class includes: 16 x 20 Canvas, Paint and professional asrtist instruction. As well as the use of, Easels, Brushes, Aprons and Tablecothes provided by Paint and Vino. 

The host of the event is responsible for providing tables, chairs, lighting, and electricity. (tent is preferred if the event is not indoors or in the shade or if rain is predicted) 

Paint and Vino LLC is providing a painting class at your venue/location. Paint and Vino LLC is not providing any alcohol to the patrons. Paint and Vino is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by the painting class, including but not limited to any paint damages. 


  • Item #: Deposit - Travel event 15

DEPOSIT - Travel Event 15

Price: $150.00
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