Private Event Payment
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This private party payment covers you group for 14 painters or less, additional painters can be accommodated for an additional $35/per person. Please note the payment is Non-Refundable and is used for Paint and Vino to secure an artist and room for your event. 

Your private party painting class includes: The use of our private party room, with a private professional artist who will guide the instructions of your painting class. Each guest will receive a 16 x 20 Canvas and Paint (OR glass bottle and lights), as well as the use of our; Easels, Brushes, Aprons. Each guests will also receive 2 glasses of Wine, Beer, or Soda! (must be 21+ to receive beer/wine). We also have unlimited complementary water, tea.

You may arrive a half hour before your party to decorate the room. You may also setup any food you wish (don't forget plates and utensils), we do have 3 tables provided in the private room. Most guests choose picky foods that are easy to eat while painting, such as cheese and crackers, appetizers, pizza etc. We generally have a break half way through a painting so guests can eat before class, during class, or on break :)

We ask that your arrive about 15 minutes before the start time so that everyone has a chance to put on an apron, grab a drink, and get settled before we start painting at the scheduled start time.  



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Private Event Payment

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